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What areas do you serve??

At Teasdale Fenton, we serve the Greater Dayton, Ohio area and its surrounding communities. Check out our entire service area to see the list of cities we serve.

Will you have records of previous cleanings?

Yes. Our computer based software will have your account details of prior cleanings and services. We have records of all customers in our system.

In addition, some customers misplace service receipts. It happens. If you think you have used us in the past, call us and provide your phone number. If we find a match, we’ll tell you when we were last there.

How do you price?

Per room. Anything with its own name and space will count as a room. We’ll ask you for a brief description of the areas you want to be cleaned and price it on the phone accordingly. Our goal is to synchronize your exchange on the phone with your exchange with our technician.

Are your technicians in uniform?

Yes. Your technician will be in uniform and have proper identification.

When will my carpets be dry?

This is a very common question. We do not exaggerate our dry times for marketing purposes. We extract 95% of all moisture leaving your carpet moist to the touch. Expect a dry time of 8 to 24 hours after we leave. We recommend opening windows or turning on ceiling fans to accelerate your dry time.

How often should I get my carpets cleaned?

It depends. Carpet is considered the third biggest investment in your home. Higher traffic areas should be done twice a year. A seldom used room with little traffic should be done once a year. In between cleanings, you should be vacuuming regularly. A vacuum with HEPA filtration is highly recommended.

Why not just clean the carpets myself?

Inferior results. Some people spend hundreds on their own machines. Others rent machines. By the time you invest your time, rental fee and solution costs, you’re basically spending as much as having a professional do it. In addition, factor in your time to actually perform the work. In the end, you’re getting poor results and a lot of headaches.

Will it be safe to walk on?

Yes. We recommend using socks or rubber soled shoes. Do not go barefoot. Do not track in new soil. Keep your pets outside or in a confined area.

Do you move furniture?

Yes, but we do charge for moving light furniture. Small tables, chairs, sofas will be moved from side to side and put back with protective furniture blocks. We will not move beds, hutches, entertainment centers, aquariums or pianos. We also ask you secure any knick-knacks or breakables. Most customers move their own prior to our arrival.

Can you service upper levels?

Yes. We offer portable extractors capable of cleaning areas not otherwise accessible.

Do you recommend fabric protectors?

Yes. This is a fluorochemical applied after the cleaning process. This will coat your carpet and upholstery fibers to resist soils and stains. It is a great product and highly recommended.

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