Carpet Stain Removal in Dayton, Kettering, & Oakwood, OH

The carpets at your home or office provide comfort and warmth. However, accidental spills and mishaps can leave stubborn stains that hurt the look of the room and negatively impact the overall hygiene of your property. Dealing with stains is tricky because improper cleaning methods can lock in a permanent stain. That's where professional carpet stain removal services by Teasdale Fenton Dayton make a difference. 

Our certified cleaning crews understand that a spotless carpet can transform the look and feel of your home or office. We have the experience, equipment, and expertise to remove even the toughest stains: red wine, pet accidents, ground-in mud, and more. Contact us today at 937-828-5599 or click here to experience the transformative power of carpet stain removal services by our proven professionals. Our services are available in Fairborn, Englewood, Clifton, Cedarville, Yellow Springs, and other nearby cities throughout the Greater Dayton, OH, area.

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Common Carpet Stains Removed by Teasdale Fenton Dayton

No matter the type of carpet stain, Teasdale Fenton Dayton has the experience and solutions to tackle it. Our crews can remove:

Black stain on carpet.
  • Bleach Spot & Stain: Accidental bleach spills can leave unsightly marks on your carpet. Our experts are skilled at color restoration and can blend these spots seamlessly with the surrounding area.
  • Old & Dried Stain: Stains that have been ignored or untreated can become stubborn and harder to remove. Our techniques target even old and dried stains, giving your carpet a fresh look.
  • Spilled Drink Stain: Whether it's coffee, juice, red wine, or any other beverage, spills happen. We're equipped to remove these drink stains, leaving your carpet looking clean and vibrant again.
  • Acid-Based Stain: Acidic substances like vinegar or certain cleaning products can cause tough stains. Our specialized solutions can effectively break down and remove these acid-based stains.
  • Makeup Stain: Makeup mishaps on the carpet are common. Don't worry. Our professionals have the right tools and expertise to eliminate makeup stains and restore your carpet's appearance.

Let Our Professionals Handle Your Most Stubborn Stains in Dayton & Kettering, OH

Choosing Teasdale Fenton Dayton means choosing carpets that look great and last longer. We're here to remove stains, revive colors, and give you cleaner, healthier carpets. Let us handle the tough stains while you enjoy a beautiful home or office. Dial 937-828-5599 or click here for professional carpet cleaning that makes a difference. Other services include mold-mildew removal, carpet repair, pet care, and more.

Our Customer Reviews

We stand behind all our work to ensure customer satisfaction, but you don't just have to take our word for it. Instead, read reviews from some of our satisfied customers!

Dayton, OH

We have been using Teasdale for several years in both of our houses. I called two weeks ago to get an area in my dining room cleaned because a cat was peeing on it. I had initially planned to pay the fee, and then the extra fees for enzyme cleaner to get rod of the smell. Thankfully your technician was extremely thorough, and pulled back the carpet... Read full reviews.

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Dayton, OH

Having a water problem is always inconvenient, costly and never fun, but I wished I would have called Teasdale Fenton right away, saving ourselves days of hard work and time, trying to fix the problem ourselves. They came out the next day, after late conversations with the owner and adjuster... Read full reviews.

Posted on Home Advisor

Dayton, OH

Thank you Rob B and Daniel F - Great Job! Rob B and Daniel F were very professional. They were timely, thorough and friendly. Nice Job!

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