Sump Pump Failure/Flooding Services in Dayton, Ohio

Sump pump systems are designed to keep your home dry in difficult, water-logged conditions. Typically installed in a home's basement or crawl space as a preventative measure to avoid indoor flooding and water damage, a sump pump kicks into action when it detects moisture and pumps it away from your home.

If the pump malfunctions, your home gets wet and flooding often results. When you need to dry out your basement or crawl space in the Greater Dayton, OH area because of sump pump failure, our licensed professionals from Teasdale Fenton will provide sump pump failure recovery services and help you get your life back in order.

Sump Pump Failure/Flooding

How Does a Sump Pump Work?

A sump pump system is designed to detect moisture and water and then pump it out away from your home. The pump typically is installed in the lowest part of your basement or crawl space, also known as the sump basin, with a pipe that acts as a passageway for the water to be released and flow away from your foundation. Once your sump pump detects water, the pump automatically begins removing water.

When severe weather and storms occur, your sump pump starts directing water away from your home as it accumulates. However, most sump pumps require electricity to do their job. If the power goes out, your sump pump system won't be able to redirect the water unless you if have a battery-backup sump pump installed. If you have a battery backup system in place, the backup system will automatically start when the power goes out, keeping water out of your basement or crawl space.

Common Sump Pump Problems for Homeowners

Sump pump systems may fail for a variety of reasons. Problem is, you rarely know something is wrong until water starts filling your basement or crawl space because your sump pump should alert you to that problem. To avoid major issues, it is wise to check the functionality of your sump pump periodically. Some of the most common sump pump issues you may see include:

  • Power Outage
  • Broken Check Valve
  • Debris and Dirt in the Pump
  • Clogged Discharge Lines
  • Wrong Size Sump Pit or Pump

Sump pumps should be checked regularly and serviced annually to ensure proper operation when you need them most. We highly recommend that you also have a battery backup sump pump installed. This not only helps you when there is a power outage, it also will kick in if the main pump fails or becomes overwhelmed.

Rebounding from Sump Pump Failure

Rebounding from Sump Pump Failure in Your Home

When your home floods because of sump pump failure, Teasdale Fenton features a state-of-the-art water extraction system known as Hydro Extreme Water Extraction and follows the S500 guidelines to deal with water damage. We will pump out the water from your basement and let it dry before we thoroughly disinfect and deodorize the area. Our IICRC-certified experts will retrieve and restore as many items as possible to minimize your loss.

Let Teasdale Fenton Step In when Your Sump Pump Fails

When your sump pump fails and you're left with water damages, your first move should be to contact Teasdale Fenton at 937-600-6717 and start the restoration process immediately. Thanks to our IICRC-certified technicians, Teasdale Fenton has been the trusted name for clean-up services in the Greater Dayton, Ohio area for almost two decades! Contact our service representatives for a free estimate or visit our website to learn more about our extensive array of cleaning and restoration services.

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Dayton, OH

We have been using Teasdale for several years in both of our houses. I called two weeks ago to get an area in my dining room cleaned because a cat was peeing on it. I had initially planned to pay the fee, and then the extra fees for enzyme cleaner to get rod of the smell. Thankfully your technician was extremely thorough, and pulled back the carpet... Read full reviews.

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Dayton, OH

Having a water problem is always inconvenient, costly and never fun, but I wished I would have called Teasdale Fenton right away, saving ourselves days of hard work and time, trying to fix the problem ourselves. They came out the next day, after late conversations with the owner and adjuster... Read full reviews.

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Thank you Rob B and Daniel F - Great Job! Rob B and Daniel F were very professional. They were timely, thorough and friendly. Nice Job!

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