Steam Cleaning Service in Dayton, Ohio

The greatest method for completely removing unwelcome debris and dirt from your carpets is steam cleaning, a deep-cleaning procedure that uses water extraction. While other cleaning techniques can remove surface dirt and stains from a carpet, only steam cleaning can reach the carpet's pile and fibers to get rid of deeply ingrained dirt, stains, and other impurities.

Teasdale Fenton Dayton offers an affordable and hassle-free way to clean your carpets in Dayton and nearby areas in Ohio, using Butler Technology, the most innovative mobile cleaning system currently available. While using our truck-mounted Butler System, Teasdale Fenton Dayton technicians will supply our own water and electricity, so we never use yours.

In the carpet cleaning world, there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach that satisfies all customers and fits their needs. That is why we offer options to fit your cleaning preferences. The most popular choices include:  

Steam Cleaning Service

Hot Water Extraction (HWE)

Teasdale Fenton’s fleet of truck-mounted, hot-water-extraction equipment deploys the most powerful and technologically advanced HWE system available. The Butler System is considered # 1 in the industry and is far superior to steam cleaners you can purchase or rent from home-improvement stores. The approach has proven to be a huge hit with both residential and commercial customers in Dayton, OH and its surrounding communities.

Our HWE system is popular because do-it-yourself steam cleaners typically do not reach the proper temperature for adequate cleaning, which the Butler System does with ease. Additionally, these systems leave behind too much moisture, which attracts more dirt and creates a breeding ground for the growth of mold and mildew. Why risk damage to your carpet, or worse, the health of your family? Trust Teasdale Fenton to professionally steam clean your carpet to make it look and feel like new.

High Performance Portable Extraction

High Performance Portable Extraction (HPPE)

High Performance Portable Extraction, also known as HPPE, is another option Teasdale Fenton Dayton provides to keep your carpets looking their best. Because of accessibility issues, a portable system is required in many cleaning situations. Our HPPE form of steam cleaning, just like our HWE approach, is proven to be better than conventional cleaning methods at eradicating dirt, debris, allergens and other airborne irritants from your carpets and your home.

Trust Teasdale Fenton for Your Steam Cleaning Needs in Dayton Ohio

Every homeowner or business owner wants to extend the lifespan of their carpets. Keeping them clean helps and, in the estimation of carpet manufacturers, no cleaning approach is more effective than steam cleaning. Teasdale Fenton excels in that area, using either an HWE or an HPPE approach. Click this link or give us a call at 937-828-5599 to set up an appointment or know details about our wide variety of stellar services. We serve customers in the Greater Dayton, OH area.

Our Customer Reviews

We stand behind all our work to ensure customer satisfaction, but you don't just have to take our word for it. Instead, read reviews from some of our satisfied customers!

Dayton, OH

We have been using Teasdale for several years in both of our houses. I called two weeks ago to get an area in my dining room cleaned because a cat was peeing on it. I had initially planned to pay the fee, and then the extra fees for enzyme cleaner to get rod of the smell. Thankfully your technician was extremely thorough, and pulled back the carpet... Read full reviews.

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Dayton, OH

Having a water problem is always inconvenient, costly and never fun, but I wished I would have called Teasdale Fenton right away, saving ourselves days of hard work and time, trying to fix the problem ourselves. They came out the next day, after late conversations with the owner and adjuster... Read full reviews.

Posted on Home Advisor

Dayton, OH

Thank you Rob B and Daniel F - Great Job! Rob B and Daniel F were very professional. They were timely, thorough and friendly. Nice Job!

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