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Content Cleaning Services in Greater Dayton, Ohio

Conent cleaning

A home or business fire leaves soot and often water damage on your possessions. You must treat the damaged items quickly or risk ruining important legal documents, priceless heirlooms, sensitive electronic devices and irreplaceable photographs. No one wants to lose such items, but cleaning and restoring them is a specialized task best left to experienced professionals.

That is where Teasdale Fenton has a solution for homeowners business owners in the Greater Dayton, OH area. Teasdale Fenton partners with Fireline Systems, a complete turnkey system designed to eliminate inefficiencies and bottlenecks associated with standard contents cleaning methods. Fireline integrates new contents management and organizational strategies with the latest technologies to achieve unprecedented processing efficiency and productivity.

Conent cleaning

Our choice to partner with Fireline is all about peace of mind for you. Companies using Fireline Systems are better equipped to deal with the complexities of contents restoration. As a Fireline member, Teasdale Fenton is able to provide a variety of in-house restoration services not offered by most companies.

These capabilities have captured the attention of insurers which has resulted in increased market share for our Fireline Network Members. The Fireline Systems’ approach to contents restoration was an industry breakthrough and continues to win the recommendations of many industry educators and consultants.

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Teasdale Fenton Will Protect Your Priceless Possessions

Following an emergency, you need immediate help to protect and store your irreplaceable items while you are in transition mode. You'll also need to take some possessions to your temporary housing location while your home is under repair. In the Dayton, OH area, we partner with 1-800-Packouts to provide the help you need to get your life back in order when you have been displaced from your home by fire, mold, storm, burglary or indoor flooding. Your priceless possessions will be clean, safe and secure with Teasdale Fenton.

Content Cleaning & Storage with 1-800-Packouts

No one likes living in transition, but that is the reality for every homeowner on occasion. Professional packout services are part of the remediation process, and Teasdale Fenton will help you clean, protect and restore your most essential belongings in partnership with 1-800-Packouts.

We can clean and restore a long list of priceless possessions that includes:

  • Legal documents
  • Books
  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Antiques
  • Upholstery

At Teasdale Fenton, we've handled damage cleaning and restoration issues for almost two decades for homeowners in the Greater Dayton, OH area. Our certified experts are available 24/7 for those critical mitigation treatments and assessments. 

Trust Teasdale Fenton with Your Content Cleaning Needs

Teasdale Fenton, through our partnership with Fireline Systems, will help restore your priceless possessions that have been damaged by fire or water. Contact us online or give us a call at 937-600-6717 to get a free estimate or learn more about our superior cleaning services for carpets, floors and much, much more in the Greater Dayton, Ohio area.