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When a fire occurs at your home or business, it leavessoot and often water damage on your valuables. You must treat the damaged items quickly or risk ruining important legal documents, priceless heirlooms, sensitive electronic devices and irreplaceable photographs. No one wants to lose such items, but cleaning and restoring them is a specialized task best left to experienced professionals.

That is where Teasdale Fenton has a solution for homeowners business owners in the Greater Dayton, OH area. Teasdale Fenton partners with Fireline Systems, which is a complete turnkey system that is designed to get rid of the inefficiencies and bottlenecks that come with traditional ways of cleaning contents. To achieve exceptional processing efficiency and productivity, Fireline combines new content management and organizational tactics with cutting-edge technology.

Our choice to partner with Fireline is all about peace of mind for you. Companies using Fireline Systems are better equipped to deal with the complexities of contents restoration. As a Fireline member, Teasdale Fenton is able to provide a variety of in-house restoration services not offered by most companies.

These features have drawn the attention of insurers, which has helped our Fireline Network Members gain more market share. The Fireline Systems' approach to restoring contents was a big step forward for the industry, and many educators and consultants in the field still recommend it.

Teasdale Fenton Will Protect Your Priceless Possessions

Teasdale Fenton Will Protect Your Priceless Possessions

In the aftermath of a disaster, you'll require prompt assistance in securing and storing your most precious belongings. During the time that your home is being repaired, you will need to move some of your belongings to a temporary residence. In the Dayton, OH area, We work with 1-800-Packouts to give you the assistance you need to get your life back on track when you have to leave your home because of a fire, mold, storm, burglary or indoor flooding. Your valuable personal belongings will be clean, and protected withTeasdale Fenton.


Content Cleaning & Storage with 1-800-Packouts

No one likes to live in a state of flux, but it's true that every homeowner has to face it at times. Professional packout services are key part of the restoration or remediation process, and Teasdale Fenton will assist you clean, protecting, and restoring your most valuable belongings in partnership with 1-800-Packouts.

We can clean and restore a long list of priceless possessions that includes:

  • Books
  • Legal documents
  • Upholstery
  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Antiques

At Teasdale Fenton, we've dealed damage cleaning and restoration issues for almost twenty years for homeowners in the Greater Dayton, OH area. Our certified and licensed crews are available 24/7 for these vital mitigating treatments and evaluations. 

Trust Teasdale Fenton with Your Content Cleaning Needs

Teasdale Fenton works with Fireline Systems, in order to help you restore your priceless belongings or possessions that have been extensively damaged by water or fire. Contact us online or give us a call at 937-828-5599 for a free estimate or more information about our exceptional cleaning services for carpets, floors and much, much more in the Greater Dayton, Ohio area.

Our Customer Reviews

We stand behind all our work to ensure customer satisfaction, but you don't just have to take our word for it. Instead, read reviews from some of our satisfied customers!

Dayton, OH

We have been using Teasdale for several years in both of our houses. I called two weeks ago to get an area in my dining room cleaned because a cat was peeing on it. I had initially planned to pay the fee, and then the extra fees for enzyme cleaner to get rod of the smell. Thankfully your technician was extremely thorough, and pulled back the carpet... Read full reviews.

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Dayton, OH

Having a water problem is always inconvenient, costly and never fun, but I wished I would have called Teasdale Fenton right away, saving ourselves days of hard work and time, trying to fix the problem ourselves. They came out the next day, after late conversations with the owner and adjuster... Read full reviews.

Posted on Home Advisor

Dayton, OH

Thank you Rob B and Daniel F - Great Job! Rob B and Daniel F were very professional. They were timely, thorough and friendly. Nice Job!

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