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Pet Urine Removal from Carpets in Dayton, Ohio

Carpets can last a long time. Regular maintenance and care can retain its quality and even expand its lifespan. But, this floor and wall cover is always at risk of damage. Spills of oil, water, or other liquids or mud, high traffic, and other reasons- you have to be aware of each one to secure your carpet. it's normal to be worried if there's a pet in the house.

Yes, pet urine is too bad for the carpet. But, with timely and professional removal of that, you can make it all good again. The good news is that Teasdale Fenton Dayton can help you with that. Call us today at 937-828-5599 for pet urine removal service and retain the freshness of your home again. We also receive service requests online.

Pet urine on the carpet

How Bad Can Urine Do to the Carpet?

First of all, pet urine is not like any other liquid spills on the carpet. But, it does all the same damage as they do. The moistness of the carpet attracts stains, dust, and debris and causes discoloration. With yellowish or brownish stains pet urine creates an extremely annoying smell that spoils the indoor environment. If the situation is not treated properly, the acidity of the pet waste also compromises the quality of the carpet and causes damage.

Pet urine contains bacteria which is undoubtedly harmful to it and the residents. The situation worsens when the dampness also triggers the infestation and spreading of the molds and other pests. The more time you take to get rid of the situation the more critical it becomes regarding the value of the carpets and health issues.

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How to Prevent Pet Urine on the Carpet?

If you can prevent pet urine from reaching the carpet, none of these problems will occur. To do that you can follow the measures.

  • You can give your pets training and specify a particular potty area. Arrange the litter box for cats and keep it clean.
  • Fix a schedule for taking your pets outside.
  • Limit the pet's movement, especially near the carpet until the training is done.
  • A carpet protector works as a temporary shield. Stain-resistant treatment can be a good step.
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Why Call for Expert Support?

Even after all the measures taken carpets can still be affected by pet urine. This is where you need to call for professional intervention. And, you can completely rely on Teasdale Fenton Dayton. We have more than 15 years of experience in this industry and serving householders throughout Ohio including the big cities like Huber Heights, Trotwood, Kettering, and other service areas. The BBB-accredited company is only a phone call away to provide your 24/7 emergency services. These services come with an affordable price offer.


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Our standard-grade carpet cleaning methods ensure uncompromised quality services not only in pet treatment but also in stain removal, odor removal, and other services. We also do carpet repair and upholstery & furniture cleaning.

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A carpet functions well and is felt comfortable when it is looked, felt, and smells good. Otherwise, the situation can be upside down within a moment. Would you like to have a suffocating atmosphere in your home having a smelly, discolored, and dirty carpet? Your answer will be definitely a No. So, don't wait much and contact our service team to retain its value and comfort. Dial 937-828-5599 or fill up the service request form online to set an appointment with our service team. You can also check out our floor cleaning services.

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Dayton, OH

We have been using Teasdale for several years in both of our houses. I called two weeks ago to get an area in my dining room cleaned because a cat was peeing on it. I had initially planned to pay the fee, and then the extra fees for enzyme cleaner to get rod of the smell. Thankfully your technician was extremely thorough, and pulled back the carpet... Read full reviews.

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Dayton, OH

Having a water problem is always inconvenient, costly and never fun, but I wished I would have called Teasdale Fenton right away, saving ourselves days of hard work and time, trying to fix the problem ourselves. They came out the next day, after late conversations with the owner and adjuster... Read full reviews.

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Dayton, OH

Thank you Rob B and Daniel F - Great Job! Rob B and Daniel F were very professional. They were timely, thorough and friendly. Nice Job!

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