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VCT Cleaning Service in Dayton, Ohio

Proper floor maintenance should be a major concern for property owners, especially those who cover their floors with attractive, high-end Vinyl Composition Tiles (VCTs). Far superior to ordinary vinyl as a floor covering, VCTs offer higher resiliency and greater durability in both residential and commercial settings.

Even better, they are recyclable and eco-friendly. Because of these benefits, many homeowners and entrepreneurs choose vinyl composite tiles as their main flooring for rooms that receive heavy foot traffic. VCTs come in multiple colors and designs, allowing homeowners to reflect their personality through their property.

Teasdale Fenton features the best VCT cleaning service in the Greater Dayton, OH area. That is significant because maintaining a VCT floor tends to be labor-intensive, making it a job best left to our licensed, IICRC-certified professionals. VCT surfaces tend to last much longer than conventional vinyl floors, but they do require regular maintenance to maximize their life cycle.

Proper Cleaning Approach for VCT Floors

Cleaning a VCT floor usually begins with stripping the old layer of wax. A commercial-grade stripper is applied, followed by vacuuming, cleaning and more waxing. After that, a polish layer is applied to make your VCT floor shine like new.

Though VCT floors last much longer than traditional vinyl floors, they tend to show wear-and-tear signs more readily between cleanings. When vinyl composite tiles have reached their foot-traffic limit, they begin to lose their shine. Dust, grime, and dirt can stick to the tiles. Tougher stains, like grease or wine, could become permanent if not addressed quickly.

When you see that your VCT flooring is starting to look tarnished, it's time to take action. You need to contact the cleaning pros from Teasdale Fenton. We have been creating satisfied customers throughout Dayton, Ohio and its surrounding communities for almost two decades!

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We Handle the Tough Stains, Too

At Teasdale Fenton, our experts have the experience and equipment to return the lost luster to your tarnished floors while eliminating the tough stains as well. Our unique cleaning approach, combined with the proper chemicals and personnel, allow us to clean and polish your VCT floor in an eco-friendly way and for a customer-friendly price. We will complete the task quickly at your home or office in Dayton, OH to minimize disruption to your free time or work day.

Trust Your VCT (Vinyl Tile Floor) Cleaning Needs to Teasdale Fenton

Contact Teasdale Fenton online or give us a call at 937-600-6717 to get an appointment for your VCT cleaning service. To know more about all the other services we provide, please explore our website.