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Encapsulation Cleaning Service in Dayton, Ohio

Encapsulation cleaning is a modern-day necessity for commercial property owners. It provides a low-moisture, cost-effective option to clean commercial carpets in high-traffic areas that need to be addressed in an on-going manner throughout the business day or in a 24-hour environment like an airport or hospital.

The use of encapsulation, which creates a dry crystalline residue that can be immediately vacuumed (as opposed to wet-cleaning systems), provides a huge benefit and a significant time saver for commercial businesses with large carpeted areas. Because encapsulation uses less water than conventional cleaning methods, the drying time for the carpet is greatly reduced.

As part of the process offered by Teasdale Fenton, we emulsify all the oil and physical contaminants within your carpeting. A chemical solution surrounds the soil particles and crystallizes them into a solid state. That prevents the particles from reattaching to the carpet fibers while being drawn to the surface by using controlled evaporation. After that, the crystals are removed with a vacuum machine.

For almost two decades, we have had great success in providing this service to our customers in the Greater Dayton, OH area.

Encapsulation Helps Allergy Sufferers

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Many allergy sufferers prefer a low-moisture carpet cleaning method like encapsulation because it reduces chemical irritants and greatly inhibits allergen growth. A low-moisture cleaning approach is effective at removing soil from the tops of fibers to produce outstanding results in an eco-friendly manner.

Low-moisture carpet cleaning is highly desired in a business environment because it decreases water waste and shortens the drying time associated with each cleaning. Low-moisture cleaning also is considered a “greener” option, as less contaminated water waste is left behind to impact the environment.

Let Teasdale Fenton Encapsulate Your Carpets 

When it is time to clean your commercial carpets, contact the trusted professionals from Teasdale Fenton. We have been providing stellar encapsulation cleaning, as well as other types of carpet cleaning services, for almost two decades for our customers in Dayton, Ohio and its surrounding communities. Contact us online or give us a call at 937-600-6717 to schedule an appointment or learn more about our encapsulation cleaning services.