Mattress Cleaning & Allergy Relief Service by Teasdale Fenton

Mattress Cleaning & Allergy Relief Service in Dayton, Ohio

During the course of a typical day, the average American spends roughly eight hours in bed. That is one-third of our time in a 24-hour day. For that extended stretch, we place ourselves in close proximity to 60 percent of the dust mites that live in our mattresses and contribute to asthma and allergy-related health complications for millions of U.S. residents.

How many dust mites would that be? Probably more than you realize and way more than anyone can count in a short amount of time.

Based on statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), your mattress may contain between 10,000 and 10 million dust mites. Research by doctors has shown that a significant percentage of asthma attacks may be caused by exposure to dust mite droppings. That makes mattress cleaning a key issue for homeowners, particularly those with family members who are susceptible to allergens and other airborne irritants.

Teasdale Fenton provides superior mattress cleaning and allergy relief services to homeowners in the Greater Dayton, OH area. This combination of services provides the most effective way to eliminate allergens from your indoor environment, allowing you and your family members to sleep better and avoid illness.

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Teasdale Fenton's Effective Two-Step Process

Better sleep leads to better health, and Teasdale Fenton offers a two-step process that will benefit your home and its residents. Our mattress cleaning process starts with a thorough vacuuming to remove flakes and particulate matter. Spots and stains are pre-treated, followed by a thorough cleaning.

The allergy relief treatment features a water-based solution with an active ingredient designed to reduce the antibody-binding capacity of each allergen. That will stop allergy attacks and allow residents to breathe easier and sleep better. The residual effect lasts up to six months.

Benefits of Regular Mattress Cleaning with Teasdale Fenton

  • Reduces Allergens
  • Eliminates Odors
  • Improves Mattress Hygiene
  • Cleaner Sleeping Environment

Sleep Better & Healthier on a Mattress Cleaned by Teasdale Fenton

A good night's sleep starts with a clean mattress that is free of allergens. Teasdale Fenton makes that happen for homeowners in Dayton, OH and its surrounding communities. When you're ready to clean your mattress and improve your sleep patterns, contact us at 937-600-6717 for a free estimate or to learn more about our services.