Sump Pump Failure/Flooding Services in Dayton, Ohio

Sump pump systems are designed to keep your home dry in difficult, water-logged conditions. Typically, a sump pump is installed in a basement of a house to prevent flooding water from coming inside your house. It kicks into action when it detects moisture and pumps it away from your home.

If the pump malfunctions, your home gets wet and flooding often results. When you need to dry out your basement or crawl space in the Greater Dayton, OH area because of sump pump failure, our licensed professionals from Teasdale Fenton will provide sump pump failure recovery services and help you get your life back in order.

Sump Pump Failure/Flooding

How Does a Sump Pump Work?

The primary functions of a sump pump are detecting extra moisture or water and siphoning it out of your residence. It is usually located in the deepest part of a basement. It is also called a sump basin. A pipe is attached to it and works as a passage that keeps the water away from the foundation of your house. The pump starts extracting water as soon as it finds out about its existence. 

During storms and heavy rain, water starts flowing with great intensity and starts entering your house. Whenever the water is approaching to enter your home, a sump pump immediately gets active and begins to siphon the excess water away from your area. Although, there is something that should be mentioned here. Sump pumps use electricity to operate. If the water hits your main electricity line first, it is not going to work if not backed by a battery/ batteries. If it is battery backed though. you won't need to worry about anything.

Sump pump Issues That Frequently Occur

There are many reasons why a sump pump system can collapse. But like any other automated system, sump pumps also have their own limitations. You won't be able to probably find out that there is a failure until it is too late. To avoid these circumstances, you will need to frequently monitor that there is no functional error in your sump pump system. 

Sump pump issues that are most frequently seen are:

  • Power Line Failure
  • Check Valve Breakage
  • Debris that disrupts the Pump
  • Cloggs
  • Inaccurate Size of Pit or Pump

You will need to always keep an eye on your sump pump and service them at least once a year. Otherwise, it might not operate properly when it is supposed to save your home from being flooded. In addition to that, it is also highly recommended that you should install emergency battery backups in your sump pump. It will give you two major benefits. Firstly, it will back you when there is a power failure. Secondly, it will take responsibility when the main pump is not working or lacks the power to face the water pressure.

Rebounding from Sump Pump Failure

What to Do in Case of Sump Pump Failures?

If your home has already undergone sump pump failure, it is too late to take action yourself. Teasdale Fenton expertizes in providing a water extraction solution which is known as Hydro Extreme Water Extraction. Our technicians treat your water damage by following the S500 guidelines.

Primarily, our experts will extract all of the water entirely from your basement. After all of the water has been dried, they will sterilize the whole area and get rid of any kind of odors. The technicians of Teasdale Fenton are IICRC-certified experts who will try their best to restore your items and make your loss as minimum as possible.

The Aid from Teasdale Fenton is All You Need

In case of sump pump failure incidents, the water damage can be devastating for your home. But if you call Teasdale Fenton to your aid and we start the restoration process as soon as possible, we can save you from all kinds of losses. Just call us at 937-828-5599 or contact us online as soon as an emergency like this appears.

Our cleanup and restoration services have been trusted by the residents of the Greater Dayton, Ohio area for almost 20 years. To learn more about our extensive array of cleaning and restoration services in detail, don't forget to visit our website right now!

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Having a water problem is always inconvenient, costly and never fun, but I wished I would have called Teasdale Fenton right away, saving ourselves days of hard work and time, trying to fix the problem ourselves. They came out the next day, after late conversations with the owner and adjuster... Read full reviews.

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